Tshe-yi Rilbu - precious Tibetan pills / longevity vase (Bouthan).



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"Vases of long life" terracotta from Bhutan.
These vases are filled with sacred long-life pills (Tibetan: tshe ril)
and were made in a Bhutan Temple
during a long life Buddha ritual Amithayus.
This type of vase can be kept as a sacred object,
place it in a long life Buddha statue Amythayus
to load it
or open it and consume the pills it contains
as a blessing of long life.

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Height: 50 mm approx.
Diameter: 30 mm approx.
Weight: approximately 35 grams.

  The indications provided are only the translation of ancient traditional indications, they are IN NO CASE scientifically certified
and do NOT have a medical foundation.