Terracotta statuette of the Buddha - Temple of Kruba Srivichai.



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Sacred terracotta statuette of the Buddha doing the mudra of taking the earth to witness (bhumisparsa-mudrā) blessed at the temple of the Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai.

Earthen statuette from Buddhist pilgrimage sites,
with sacred bee wax in its base
who live on the giant statue of Kruba Srivichai (see photo).

Statuette blessed at the Temple of the Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai (Chiang Mai).

With each of these statues, a photo of the Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai is offered.

Rare opportunity to get a Buddha statue
made of sacred ground by a famous temple.

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Height: 7 cm.
Width: 3.5 cm.
Weight: approximately 50 grams.
Material: terracotta from sacred places and wax.
Photo of the Venerable offered.