Powerful protective Pearl Look Sakot at 10.000 Yant of Venerable LP Deng.


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Powerful protective Pearl Look Sakot "to 10.000 Yant"
(Look Sakot chut Kan Kwam 10.000 Yant Rantha Sutta)

blessed in 2008 by the Venerable LP Deng of Wat Rai Khing (Pathani).

The Venerable LP Deng has for two years engraved a total of 10.000 yant
on various sacred and alchemical metals, then to melt them
during a ceremony and use the metal so charged
to cast these protective pearls ..
The magical yant used had a very wide range of powers :
fortune, charm, prestige, protection ...
So this exceptionnal amulet concentrate the powers of

the powers of 10.000 Yant, which is very unique.
It can be considered that this sacred pearl contains, alone,

the essence of Thailand's magical tradition.

The Venerable LP Deng of Wat Rai Khing is a friendly Master,
close to his disciples and known for his erudition.
He clearly said that this series of amulets was by far the best
that he would ever produce, and that he would not make more of them
because the engraving and consecration of 10.000
was a job far too long and difficult.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Width: 17 mm.

proof of protection against black magic

A customer of buddhas-magic.com, alas victim of attacks of black magic, was kind enough to send me these pictures, where we see thata steel needle
materialized on his amulet . to 10.000 yant!
Some spells are known to make steel needles appear
in the bodies of their victims, and it seems that in this case the amulet
managed to divert the spell and protect its wearer.