Sacred stone pendant from Mount Kailash.


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Stones of Mount Kailash carved form of cabochon,
then set with copper with a dorje.

kailash mount
Photo credit : Ondřej Žváček.

Mount Kailash is considered sacred by Hinduists,
Buddhists and Bönpoit is for them the "Center of the Universe"
and they go there on pilgrimage to go around.
They consider that there "the stones pray" and carrying a pearl made of stone Kailash is considered a powerful talisman.
I got these stones from a young Lama who made the pilgrimage
Mount Kailash,
then polish them and put them in pendants
by my jeweler craftsman in Nepal.



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Height: 50 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: 20 gr.