Precious Tibetan Pill Nakpo Jampeyang Rilbu - Most Venerable Chatral Rinpoche.



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Sacred Pill of Black Manjushri (Nakpo Jampeyang Rilbu)
blessed by Most Venerable Chatral Rinpoche.
Powerful amulet to improve the health of the wearer
and to help his spiritual practice.

This sacred pill can be used as a protective amulet against diseases, to receive the blessings of the Most Venerable Chatral Rinpoche
and as an aid to the practice of meditation.
Also this pill can be placed in a Buddha statue
to charge it as a relic.
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Diameter: 20 mm.
Weight: approximately 7 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.
Blessed photo card of the temple: offered.

The indications provided are only the translation of ancient traditional indications, they are IN NO CASE scientifically certified
and do NOT have a medical foundation.