Wrist mala in soap tree seeds.



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Wrist mala composed of large black seeds
and considered in Buddhist countries
as being the "origins" mala.
It is on a mala of this type that the Buddha will have practiced.
(the malas in "Bodhi seeds" were not used until after
that the Buddha meditated under a tree "Buddha").
In Thailand such a mala is named Look Prakham Dee Kwai,
in India he is named Reetha Mala and in Tibet
the name of these seeds is  Lat Ton.
These black seeds come from Sapindus Saponaria
(a cousin of the tree that produces the famous Indian scrub nuts,
the fruits of Sapindus Saponaria also serve
soap and medicine for animals).

An Indian tradition ensures that if a child wears such Reetha Mala
he is protected against evil spirits,
and that if it's a cow in a door she
will not fall ill and will be protected from epidemics.
This type of mala is mentioned in the Sutra of the soap tree Where it is written :

"King Vaiduria of the Nanda Kingdom was pursued by various problems: attacked by his enemies, an epidemic ravaged his subjects.
He went to the Buddha for advice and a simple practice to pacify his mind and solve his problems.
The Buddha tells him to make a necklace of 108 soap tree seeds
and recite shelters:
Take refuge in the Buddha as an example,
Take refuge in the Dharma because it is the ultimate truth,
Take refuge in the Sangha which is the community of practitioners.

Imagine being able to meditate with a mala identical to that of Buddha Sakyamuni: that's what you'll do
if you get one of these mala.

It is nowadays quite rare to see this type of mala even in Asia,
and to my knowledge no website
nor any shop offers it in Europe.