Nam Mön blessed water - Wat Intharam Worawiharn



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Blessed water Nam Mön from Wat Intharam Worawiharn (Bangkok).

Water reputed to be "miraculous", coming from the sacred basin
located in the small Temple dedicated to Luang Phor Toh.

Sprayer format: Small sprayerblessed water Nam Mön
from Wat Intharam (Bangkok).
This type of small pocket sprayer filled with holy water was made famous in a Thai film where the heroine used it to fight ... vampires!
If you want to play "buffy against vampires in Thailand"
here is the perfect accessory for your handbag!
More seriously this water Nam Mön was blessed using a ritual composed
by Phra Ajarn Toh and can be used to purify a place or object of any harmful influence.