Tibetan Amulet Dtagrol Milam Sang'po - Vajra's shield - against nightmares.


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Tibetan amulet Dtagrol Milam Sang'po.
This powerful amulet named in Tibetan "Vajra's shield",
protects against nightmares and gives peaceful sleep.
Blessed amulet in a Bodnath monastery (Nepal).
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Height: 75 mm approx.
Width: 75 mm approx.
Weight: approximately 8 grams.
Reliquary: No, fits under your pillow, is NOT worn on you.

Customer testimonials about this amulet:

N ° 1: I ordered you, the amulet "Shield of Vajra".
I want to thank you for making us discover this amulet.
Indeed, since my son sleeps with him, he has no more nightmares
and the dreams he has (when he remembers them) are "super" according to him.

N ° 2: I want to thank you because I am very happy,
I was offered more than a month ago an Amulet "Shield of Vajra", I was skeptical when it was offered to me by explaining to me in what she could help me; I still put it under my pillow and have a little forgotten, today I am delighted, what a pleasure to tell me that I do not sleep for nothing, the morning I wake up I finally dreamed of Something,
and the unpleasant dreams I had never come back, that's it I really dream and in the morning when I wake up I have something to tell about my dreams! Thank you therefore for the quality of your objects.

n ° 3: The objects I ordered previously help me a lot, the Dta grol Milam Sang'po amulet finally allows me to sleep peacefully
and no longer be beset with nightmares.