Charming Magic Cream Kee Phung - Very Venerable Ajarn Sané.


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Charming magic cream Kee Phung by Very Venerable Ajarn Sané.

Cream in a ceramic pot (2 colors available),
with an amulet of the Buddha under the King of the Nâgas (Phra Naphrok)

To use this attraction cream, you simply need to apply some
a little bit on the eyelids and lips.
We will then have a look and more attractive and convincing words.
(so we can use this cream both for a date.
than for a job interview).
Please note that these creams contain coconut oil and beeswax,
they are quite fluid in the climate of Thailand, but once in Europe
(where it is "a little less hot") they tend to be quite hard ...
They will therefore have to be warmed up before use.