Magical protective shirt Phra Naresuan Yant Mahajakapat.



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Magic Shirt of Protection Phra Naresuan Yant Mahajakapat.
Produced in 2007 at Wat Kalyanamitra in the presence of 227 Masters (!!!).

On the front of this magical shirt is an image of King Naresuan (1555-1605) on horseback, and on the back the Yant Mahajakapat surrounded by of Phra Pikanet (Ganesh) and Phra Isuan (Shiva) in warlike aspects.
The first copies of this series were donated by Wat Kanlyanamitra Abbot to the Royal Thai Family's bodyguards.
The ritual instructions used to make this shirt come from
of a work of Krom Wishakhan (the "ministry of magic" which existed in Thailand until around 1800 and was responsible for preserving
protective incantations for the Thai army).
If you are looking for a real "magic warrior shirt"
you practice a risky sport, have a dangerous job
or still be a practitioner of Muay Thai, this shirt would be perfect
for you and could be the secret to your success.