Tibetan wrist bracelet / mala in tiger eye.

Buddha's magic.


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Bracelet / Tibetan wrist mala in tiger eye.
Elastic mounting.
The tiger-eye would protect against malicious people
and against negativities in general.
Linked to the earth and stability, it would be beneficial for joint problems: rheumatism, osteoarthritis, inflammation ... It would preserve the spine
which it would promote the proper alignment, thus favoring the practice of meditation.
The tiger-eye would have a positive effect against stress.
It would help us find our calm and refuel positive energy. Delivered from our inner blockages and the negative thoughts that haunt us, we would be thanks to the tiger-eye better able to concentrate,
to act constructively, to make decisions
and to build good relationships with others.
According to some Asian traditions, the tiger-eye would be a balancing stone that would restore harmony between the yin and yang tendencies.
Weight: 30 gr.
Diameter of the beads: 10 mm.