Phra Rahu Black Crystal Ball - Most Venerable LP Dooh.



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Black crystal ball Look Geow Samadhi de Phra Rahu,
blessed in 1989 by Most Venerable LP Dooh Wat Sakai (Ayuthaya).
Rare crystal ball of black meditation dedicated to the demon-guardian Phra Rahu.
Serves as a crystal ball of normal meditation,
but brings in addition the protection and the blessings of Phra Rahu
The base of this ball is gilded turned wood and is adorned with Pali yant and prayers.
Very unusual ritual object that I discovered by chance
after more than 15 years of traveling in Thailand!
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Diameter: 50 mm.
Weight: 150 gr.
Special activation prayer (khata): Yes.
Photo of the Venerable: Offered.