Phra Siwali relic-stone Buddha



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Sacred stones Phra Siwali carved with a stylized image of the Buddha.
Handicraft work done by forest monks during their retreats thudong.
Very nice votive / relic object to add on an Altar.
Relic stones Phra Siwali deprive of sacred caves
located on the border between Burma and Thailand.

These stones vaguely resemble sponge fossils
and have the particularity of growing little by little
if we sprinkle them with water every day!
I myself saw one of these stones pass (in 25 years)
from the size of an egg to the size of a melon.
They are considered relics of Bodhisattva from the distant past
and must be treated with great respect.

Diameter: 50 mm approx.
Weight: 50 g to 75 g approximately