Relic Beads Ringsel Sarira Phratat Rainbow.



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Rainbow Relic Beads Phratat Rung Kin Nam.
These relic beads come from my private collection
and were offered to me more than 10 years ago by the Abbot of a temple of Ayuthaya.
They have since multiplied little by little and since some of my clients
ask me to give them relics, I decided to offer them
a small amount on an exceptional basis.
I offer you these relics in an elegant reliquary
glass and steel in the shape of a drop.
The Thai tradition considers these marbles as being
relics of the historical Buddha.

We can wear them as an amulet, or place them in a Stupa
or a statue of the Buddha to charge / consecrate.

Height: 30 mm approx.
Width: 10 mm approx.
Weight: 3 grams.