Sacred ball Look Sakot Phrajao Ah Phra Hong - Venerable LP Dee.



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Sacred ball Look Sakot Phrajao Ah Phra Hong
blessed by the Venerable LP Dee of Samnak Song.
Powerful magic marbles in sacred wood Phrong Fah (wood of a thundering tamarind), dedicated to 299 copies numbered by the Venerable LP Dee.
It is worn (after reciting his khata) in different places
depending on the desired effect:
- On his heart to have confidence in himself
- In his left shirt pocket = to have the respect of his subordinates.
- In his right shirt pocket = to be appreciated by his superiors.

This amulet can also be placed in water and recited Khata
108 times with a mala to make theblessed Nam Mön water.
Rare and powerful amulet.
Stock very limited!
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 30 mm.
Diameter: 18 mm.
Weight: 7 gr.
Custom bag: Yes. (variable color)
Prayer (khata): Yes.