Ring of power and meditation Wen Phi Lot by Most Venerable LP Dooh (golden version).



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Ring of Power and Meditation Wen Phi Lot (golden brass version)
from the temple of Most Venerable LP Dooh.
This power ring serves to increase paranormal abilities
of its carrier by increasing the level of its internal energy.
Wearing this ring can be considered the equivalent
to practice meditation regularly since 10 years.
Please understand that wearing this ring does NOT exempt you from meditating, but that it is a precious help that will help you.
at first to have a correct meditation posture,
then to experience deeper and deeper states of meditation.
This ring Wen Phi Lot is a traditional sacred tool for meditation,
it's not "a magic ring as in Harry Potter".
It is equally suitable for the practices of the Thai tradition
only for the practices of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism
or for other meditative practices.
This power ring also has the ability to warn its wearer
in case of danger it will start to heat (sometimes strongly!)
and can also give small electric shocks.
If such a thing happens,
you have to take this into account and leave the place immediately
where one is, either to show increased attention (or to stop)
if you are driving or doing a dangerous job.
This power ring has the ability to PREVENT you,
it's up to you to avoid it!

With each ring is offered
a photo card of the Very Venerable LP Dooh.

These rings are available in several diameters,
to find out how to determine your size thank you for following this link.