Tibetan Amulets of Green Tara, White Tara, Manjushri and Long Life Buddha - Desire-granting Jewels.



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Tibetan amulets of green Tara, white Tara,
Manjushri and Buddha of long life.
These amulets contain a pill Rilbu composite
various sacred substances
in a Tibetan monastery of Swayambunath (Nepal)
and consecrated in the traditional way
by Lama during a long ritual.
Such amulets are considered in the Tibetan tradition
like the "Jewels that fulfill the desires"
and should be treated with respect
du has a truly sacred and charged object.

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Height: 50 mm approx.
Width: 30 mm approx.
Weight: approximately 40 grams.
Custom waterproof reliquary: Yes.