Great Tibetan amulet Yantra of Shérab Chama - Tradition Bönpo.



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Tibetan Amulet Yantra of Shérab Chama.
Blessed at the monastery of Most Venerable Lopön Tenzin Namdak.
This powerful amulet of the compassionate great mother of the Bön tradition
is a protection against all kinds of obstacles and negativity,
she will protect you from your enemies
and will help you develop the 10 perfections.
It is also a very good protection for pilgrims and travelers.
You can put it in your car as protection
against road accidents.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 70 mm.
Width: 70 mm.
Weight: 14 gr.
Reliquary: No (can be worn in your wallet or in your pocket).
Original paper of the temple: Yes.