Tibetan amulet of 4 mantra-relics.

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Tibetan amulet mantra composed of a roll of 4 Mantra relics du Dharmakaya (Tsugtor Drime, Sangwa Rigsel, Ozer Drime et Jangchub Gyänbum).
All of this Mantra are considered in the tradition of Vajrayana
as the most valuable relics of Buddhism,
even more sacred than the relics of the Buddha's body!

Most Venerable Lama Zopa Rinpoche says of these mantras:
"The 4 mantra relics of Dharmakaya are the main mantra
that give power to sacred objects and allow
to beings to purify their Karma and to accumulate merits.
They are like thousand nuclear bombs to purify the negative Karma "

The ancient Tibetan tradition ensures that:

- If we place these Mantra in a sacred object (statue, stupa ...)
the Deva will come to adore them 3 times a day
and bless their presence with the places where this object is placed.

- If we place these Mantra in a bell, the simple sound of this bell will purify the Karma of the beings who will hear it
and protect them from any future incarnation in the 3 lower states
(hell, world of Ready to and animal world).

- If we place these Mantra in a Stupa the simple act of doing ONCE
the turn of this Stupa will protect you from any incarnation
in the hot underworld 8.

- If you simply touch those Mantra
we are protected from any rebirth in the 3 lower states.

- All our wishes will become reality if we wear these Mantra.

- The simple act of touching these Mantra to an animal ensures
that he will be reborn in a human body at his next incarnation.
The simple shadow of these Mantra is enough to have the same effect on the insects, water having touched the reliquary where are placed these Mantra
to the same effect on fish.

- If we regularly touch animals in this way we accumulate a lot of positive Karma and we are protected from any misfortune.

This exceptional amulet is exclusive to Buddha's magic
and is offered to you in customized reliquaries of 2 formats.
(an ordinary, and one with 2 rings to be able to use the amulet as flying for a bell)