Blessed Amulet / Statue of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara)



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Blessed amulet / statuette of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara).

Blessed in a Tibetan temple of Bodnath (Nepal).
These golden metal statuettes contain in their base a sacred pill Rilbu
they are proposed in a custom waterproof reliquary
with a rings on the bottom to be able to add a second amulet.
The Amulets of Chenrezig (the Buddha of Infinite Compassion)
are considered in Tibet as powerful protections,
the mantra and image of Chenrezig are omnipresent everywhere
where Tibetans live (His Holiness the Dalai Lama is considered as the incarnation of this Buddha).
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Height : 50 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: 40 gr.
Reliquary: Yes.