Thai Roop Lor Amulet of Venerable LP Thammasot - Most Venerable LP Pae.



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Thai Amulet  Roop Lor of the Very Venerable LP Thammasot
Wat Po Kao Thong (Singburi) blessed by the Very Venerable LP Pae.
The Very Venerable LP Thammasot was one of the masters of LP Pae,
the base of this amulet contains a small relic of this Master (see photo).
The manufacture and consecration of this series of amulets has price more than 2 years
to the Very Venerable LP Pae, who said it was one of the most sacred objects
that he never made.
Wearing such an amulet gives blessings
of the Very Venerable LP Pae and his Master LP Thammasot,
it is a powerful protection and a good help to the practice of meditation.

Proposed in a new custom-made reliquary.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 40 mm.
Width: 28 mm.
Weight: approximately 21 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.