Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai Roop Lor Amulet



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Amulet Roop Lor of Kruba Srivichai in earth from Buddhist pilgrimage sites
and places related to the tradition of Lersi.
In this amulet there is also wax from sacred bees living on the giant statue of Kruba Srivichai.

This amulet is a sacred relic, like one of the most famous holy monks of Thailand, made of sacred materials.
It is a very good amulet for every Dharma practitioner, good as a general protection
and for the practice of meditation.

Proposed in a bespoke reliquary, with its original box of the temple.
(Height: 40mm)

A photo of the Very Venerable Kruba Srivichai is offered with each of these amulets