Amulet Phra Somdej / Roop Lor - Venerable LP Jeud



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Amulet Phra Somdej / Roop Lor
of the Most Venerable Venerable LP Thurs of Wat Pothi Seti (Nakhon Pathom)
Beautiful series of blessed amulets in 2018, with on one side a stylized Buddha
Phra Somdej and on the back a beautiful image of the Venerable LP Jeud Nimalo
mounted on a giant wasp Dtaur (his fetic animal).
This amulet is an excellent general protection, and protects more specifically against all types of poisonous animals (insects, snakes ...)
Rare chance to get a beautiful amulet blessed by a famous Master
for a very small price ...

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Height : 50 mm.
Width: 40 mm.
Weight: 25 gr.
Made to measure reliquary: Yes.