Phra Somdej Phong Mae Tao LP Man - Most Venerable LP Wiriyan

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Thai Amulet Phra Somdej Phong Mae Tao Luang Phor Man 
blessed in 1998 by the Most Venerable LP Wiriyan (born in 1919)
from Wat Dhamma Mongkhön.
This series ofamulets Phra Somdej is partly composed of wood powder from an ancient cane used by the Most Venerable Phra Ajarn Man
(Acharn Mun Bhuridatta Thera 1870 - 1949).
It is a limited series of classic amulets of high quality,
consecrated by one of the most famous Masters of our time
and containing a relic of a legendary Master!

Please note that the color of these amulets is very variable.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 40 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: approximately 14 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.
Original box of the temple: Yes.