Amulet Phra Ngang silver color.



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Thai Amulet Phra Ngang silver color with copper eyes.
Available in male and female.
Made from metal from ancient coins Pod Duang.
Production of a young Ajarn from the Surin region,
in a fairly primitive Cambodian style.
Thank you for taking the time to read the page on Phra Ngang
and understand what these amulets are before making any purchase decision.

Given its clearly sexual aspect, this amulet Phra Ngang
is particularly oriented towards charm spells,
but it can also be used in other rituals.
Le Phra Ngang male is to be used to attract men,
and Phra Ngang female to attract women ...
A complete ritual manual will be provided with each amulet.
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Height : 40 mm.
Width: 25 mm.
Weight: approximately 28 grams.