Thai charm amulet Phra Nang Phaya - Most Venerable Ajarn Sané.


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Charming Thai Amulet Phra Nang Phaya
blessed by the Most Venerable Phra Ajarn Sané.
Terracotta amulet, made largely of bricks
derived from Stupa elders that monks have collected
for Venerable Ajarn Sané.

Thai amulets Phra Nang Phaya are traditionally worn
by Thai women in order to be more beautiful and desirable.

The Thai expression says that a woman who wears one of these amulets
becomes "like the queen bee in the middle of her hive"
when compared to other women ...

- Height: 40mm.
- Width: 32 mm.
- Weight: approximately 18 grams.
- New custom-made reliquary: Yes.
- Photo of the Venerable: Free.

NB: From one room to another the color of these amulets is variable.