Buddha Kshitigarbha mantra amulet (Buddha of the Underworld).



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Amulet mantra of the Buddha Kshitigarbha.
(Buddha of the underworld, Tibetan: Sa-Ee Nyingpo)
This amulet is available in two versions:
either the mantra alone or the mantra with a sacred ball of Kshitigarbha.
Directed and blessed by Venerable Lama Wangyal (Kagyupa tradition).
The Buddha Kshitigarbha is the protector of pregnant women,
children and travelers,
it protects against natural disasters and prolongs life.
The amulets of Kshitigarbha are uncommon,
do not miss this opportunity if you want to attract protection
of this powerful Boddhisattva.
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Height : 60 mm.
Weight: 10 gr.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.