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Tibetan Amulet Mantra Buddha Amitabha (Tibetan: Eupame)
Blessed in a monastery of Bhutan.

The mantra amulets of Amithaba Buddha (the Buddha of infinite light)
are sacred objects used in Tibetan Buddhism. 
Amulets can be worn, hung in a home or temple, or used in meditation or prayer practices.

The most common mantra associated with Amithaba is "Om Ami Déwa Hri",
which is believed to have purifying and healing powers.
Amulets can help protect against negative forces, attract good luck
and to foster spiritual realization. It is also common to believe
that they can give a longer, more prosperous and happier life,
as well as wish fulfillment.

It is important to note that it is important to obtain the amulets from a reliable source who can certify their origin and authenticity, rather than buying a little cheaper simply a more or less fake image made in a prison-factory Chinese. Amulets should be treated with respect and used appropriately
in spiritual practices.

Amulets of the Buddha Amitabha "the Buddha of the pure earth"
are considered good general protections
and amulets of long life.
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Height : 40 mm.
Diameter: 15 mm.
Weight: approximately 8 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.