Mantra amulet of the 5 Dakini of the elements - Protection against natural disasters.

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Roll of Tibetan mantra 5 Dakini (Dakini of the elements).
By Venerable Lama Wangyal (tradition Kagyu).
This talisman contains the mantra of the 5 Dakini of the elements:
-Dakini Sangye Chenma (which represents the Earth element).
-Dakini Mamaki (which represents the Water element).
-Dakini Gökarmo (which represents the Fire element).
-Dakini Damtsik Drolma (which represents the Air element).
-Dakini Ying Chukma (which represents Space).

Rare amulet, designed to protect the wearer against the dangers of
to the elements: storms, earthquake, floods ....

It is also an excellent meditation amulet
for any woman engaging in spiritual practices.

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Height: 45 mm approx.
Width: 12 mm approx.
Weight: approximately 7.5 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.