Vajrakilaya Mantra Tibetan Amulet - Against negative emotions, help in the practice of Dharma.



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Mantra Amulet from Vajrakilaya (Sungkhor Dorje Phurba).
This amulet was consecrated in a Tibetan monastery of Bodnath (Nepal).
Dorje Phurba is a protective deity of the elders school,
it is an angry aspect of the Buddha of purification Dorje Sempa.
Amulet to help his wearer fight against his disturbing emotions and thus to have a better practice of the Dharma.
This amulet is quite often offered to young Lama
at their entrance to the monastery. It is very suitable for anyone new to Dharma practice.
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Height : 50 mm.
Width: 15 mm.
Weight: 9 gr.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.