Amulet Mantra by Orgyen Menla - For the growth and good health of children.



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Amulet of Secret Mantra Orgyen Menla.
Orgyen Menla is one of the eight aspects of Guru Rinpoche,
where it manifests itself in the form of the Medicine Buddha.
This rare amulet is from a spiritual treasure Terma
de His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche
(the Terma cycle Tsokye Tuktik).
About this practice and this amulet,
Venerable Dungse Garab Rinpoche said:

"Our illusory and destructible human body is subject to deterioration
which come from the disruption of its elements.
Disease and obstacles are manifesting, threatening us with unbearable suffering and premature death.
At the moment when the disease appears, or even before it manifests itself,
we can always beg Orgyen Menla, the King of Medicines,
with great faith.
If we are inseparable from Orgyen Menla, then illness and obstacles
will be withdrawn and our lives can go on. "
Traditionally, this amulet is worn by sufferers
serious illnesses and also offered to children to promote
their growth and their fulfillment.
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Height : 35 mm.
Width: 12 mm.
Weight: 6 gr.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.

The indications provided are only the translation of ancient traditional indications, they are IN NO CASE scientifically certified
and do NOT have a medical foundation.