Namgyalma Mantra Amulet - Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra.



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Mantra Amulet of Namgyalma - Soutra Usnisa Vijaya Dharani.
The Tibetan tradition ensures that the mere presence
(even invisible and without anyone knowing it)

of this amulet in a place has a strong positive influence.
This Lot is composed of: 

  - 1 Mantra amulet Namgyalma in a stainless steel reliquary
(with a steel clip so you can hang it securely where you want it)

- 1 Color Photo Card Namgyalma with his mantra.
It says in the Kutagara Sutra that if we pass once under this mantra,
the wrong actions of 1000 eons are purified.
It is also said in the Sutra of the waterfall that if one simply sees this Mantra, the evil deeds of three billion eons are purified.
It is therefore recommended to place this photo card in a visible way
above a door, so that it brings a maximum of blessings.

- 2 yellow blessed bracelets.

According to the Namgyalma Sutra (Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra)
amulets of this type can:
  • Détruire les calamités et secourir les personnes en difficulté.
  • Améliorer le Karma du porteur et effacer ses mauvaises actions.
  • Purifier toutes les obstructions karmiques.
  • Augmenter les bénédictions et allonger la durée de vie.
  • Soulager les êtres dans le royaume des fantômes.
  • Etre bénéfique pour tout les animaux.
  • Augmenter la sagesse.
  • Éliminer diverses maladies.
    (en particulier si elles sont liées à des esprits maléfiques).
  • Apporter l'harmonie dans les couples.
  • Donner la fertilité aux champs et faire tomber la pluie.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 45 mm.
Diameter: 20 mm.
Weight: 20 gr.
Customized reliquary: Yes.

Just hearing the Sutra once Usnisa Vijaya Dharani
is reputed to avoid reborn in the 3 lower worlds,
I suggest you take a few minutes of your time,
to launch one of these video and close your eyes
to receive this blessing.