Kurukullé Mantra Amulet - Amulet of charm and protection.


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Mantra Amulet Kurukullé.
(Tib: Dölma Marpo, known among Hinduists as Karmadéva).
Blessed amulet in a Tibetan monastery of Bodnath.
The amulets of Kurukullé or red Tara (the Dakini of magic
and enchantments) are known in Tibet to overcome the most difficult situations, giving protection against all
dangers and facilitating the acquisition of esoteric powers.
Kurukullé is also a deity of charm, useful to make a man more attractive (on the other hand the tradition forbids the use of amulets
de Kurukullé for "charm a woman with red hair").
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Height: 35 mm.
Width: 18 mm.
Weight: 10 gr.
Reliquary: Yes.