Amulet Mae Guan Yin Sirimongkon Mahathep - Wat Geow Jamfa


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Amulet Mae Guan Yin Sirimongkön Mahathep
blessed by Most Venerable Phrakru Sirirat Weemön of Wat Geow Jamfa (Bangkok)
Very beautiful amulet Mae Guan Yin in silver color metal,
Extremely detailed series produced in 2013.
Limited series of 999 numbered pieces.
Each of these amulets contains a moving relic,
as Phra Kling amulets this amulet produces
a little bell sound when you wave it.
Without a doubt one of the most beautiful amulets Mae Guan Yin
produced in recent years.
This will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful amulets in your collection
if you get one.
Power: Excellent protective amulet