Thai Lersi Tafai amulet in paste of sacred plants - Venerable LP Kian.



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Thai Amulet Lersi Tafai in paste of sacred plants
blessed by the Venerable LP Kian Kanatammo of Wat Krating (Chantaburi).
This beautiful amulet represents a a Lersi Hermit
and was hand painted and embellished with gold.

 It’s great protection against black magic,
it improves the health of its wearer
(because it is composed of sacred medicinal plants)
et is beneficial for the practice of meditation.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 50 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: approximately 15 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.
Original paper of the temple: Yes.
Prayer (khata): Yes.
The indications provided are only the translation of ancient traditional indications, they are IN NO CASE scientifically certified
and do NOT have a medical foundation.