Lersi Amulet in Lek Nam Pee - Kruba Srivichai


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Sacred amulet Lersi ore powder magic iron Lek Nam Pee by the Temple of Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai
In the base of this amulet is wax from the sacred bees that live on the giant statue of Kruba Srivichai

This amulet series was produced in 1986 to celebrate the 108th anniversary
of the birth of Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai

This is an excellent amulet for anyone looking for a connection to the Lersi tradition, as Kruba Srivichai, although a Buddhist monk, lived long in the jungle and received teachings from many Lersi hermits.

It is also a very good protective amulet and for meditation.

Proposed in a bespoke reliquary, with its original box of the temple.
(height : 40mm)

A photo of the Most Venerable Kruba Srivichai is offered with each of these amulets.