Amulet of Maitreya Buddha - Wat Sakai.



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Amulet of the Buddha Maitreya, blessed in 2012 at Wat Sakai.
(Temple of Most Venerable LP Dooh, located in Ayuthaya)
This pretty little amulet is composed largely
of sacred powder Phong Jakapat
(relics from the collections of the Thai royal family).
The surface of these amulets miraculously covered with white crystals after his consecration, which is a sign of their great sanctity.
This type of amulet is to be preserved as a relic and can be used to consecrate a Buddha statue or Stupa.
It is also a general protection and a (very rare) physical link
with the blessings of Maitreya, , the Buddha of the future.
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Diameter: 25 mm.
Weight: 7.5 gr.
Reliquary: Yes.