Buddha Baby Amulet + Lumbini Relics.

Buddha's Magic.


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Baby Buddha Amulet + relics of Lumbini.
Amulet composed of:
- 1 Amulet Baby Buddha in earth from excavations
from the site of Buddha's birth in Lumbini (Nepal).
(Made and blessed by Thai monks residing in Lumbini).

- 1 bottle of water from the sacred basin of Lumbini
(where the Buddha's mother made him take his first bath
after birth) with blessed cord.

- Leaf of the Buddha tree of Lumbini.

All in a new custom-made reliquary.

I brought these relics and amulets myself from a pilgrimage
and certify their authenticity.

Perfect to be placed in a statue of the Buddha to dedicate
or for any faithful desiring an authentic physical link
with the birthplace of Buddha Sakyamuni.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 50 mm.
Width: 40 mm.
Weight: approximately 19 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.