Dtagrol Amulet Tara Sosor Drangma - Protects little children.



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Dta'Grol Amulet Tara Sosor Drangma intended to be worn by young children and to protect them from bad luck, obstacles and accidents.
Blessed in a Tibetan monastery of Bodnath (Nepal).
Very good protection for young children,
it can also be placed as a mobile over a cradle.
Testimonial from a client about this amulet:

In fact I had already ordered this amulet for one of my sons
who was quite rowdy at school and who slept bad sometimes,
he had regular nightmares.
Since he wears it all the time, except to go to class,
his attitude has completely changed in class and he tells me himself
that he has not had nightmares since, or that these nightmares
mix with his dreams,
in any case, he seems to manage that better.
So I can tell you that I'm really happy with it.
He has gained confidence and he is less in fear.
He has a more fulfilling life.
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Height : 75 mm.
Width: 75 mm.
Weight: 9 gr.