Protective amulet demon guardian Yaksha - Tao Wessuwan.



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Guardian Demon Guardian Amulet Yaksha.
Limited edition blessed in 2015 at Wat Nong Pho (Nakhon Sawan).
On the front of this amulet we find a face of Yaksha
surmounted by a Buddha, with a red stone at the forehead.
On the back is Wat Nong Pho, Phratat relics,
a copper takut
and a relic of the monk's mantle of the Abbot of this temple.
Excellent amulet of protection tells the ghosts and the black magic.
It is also a very good fortune amulet.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 50 mm.
Width: 45 mm.
Weight: 26 gr.
Made to measure reliquary: Yes.