Amulet of fortune Chuchok / Roop Lor - Very Venerable Kruba Somchai.



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Amulet Chuchok / Roop Lor au tigre (1st edition) blessed in 2017
by the Most Venerable Kruba Somchai of Wat Bangna Pheng (Samut Prakhan)
On one side of this amulet a portrait Roop Lor of Kruba Somchai
mounted on a tiger, on the second side a Chuchok
with a fossil rice grain Hin Khao San.
The amulets of Kruba Somchai are mainly known
for the powers of invulnerability they give, but it is also an amulet of fortune that will ensure its wearer to miss nothing.
(and, like all Chuchok amulets to find a nice companion)
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Height : 45 mm.
Width: 38 mm.
Weight: 22 gr.
New bespoke reliquary: Yes