Charming Thai Amulet Phra Khunpen Ungnang - Most Venerable LP Tcheun Tikayano.

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Powerful charming thai amulet Phra Khunpen Ungnang (Run Rapsap)
by the Most Venerable LP Tcheun Tikayano of Wat Tahee (Buriram).
This powerful amulet of attraction represents on its front face
Phra Khunpen as a warrior, surrounded by two of his wives
(a red stone and 2 amulets Takut are include), and on the back a woman
mating with a horse (!) and a takut in silver.
This amulet is intended to give a great charm to its wearer
and make it irresistible for women, plus a woman
under the influence of his charm will accept quite easily
various unusual sexual practices
or to libertine in company
the bearer of the amulet.
You have to take great care not to hurt your partners
using the attraction power of this amulet (which is very real!),
made it a pleasant experience for you
and your conquests (or for you and your companion),
otherwise you will quickly experience various problems
and make your amulet totally inactive.

This amulet has a slight scent of attraction and is proposed new
in a bespoke reliquary, with its specific activation prayer.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 50 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: approximately 25 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.
Prayer of activation (khata): Yes.

NB: This series of amulets dates from 2002
and these amulets,
although new ones are therefore almost 20 years old.
They are composed of a mixture of sacred powders (plants and minerals),
quite fragile by nature and can therefore present minor defects.
This will in no way have an impact on the blessings or their possible effects.