Charm Amulet Phra Khunpen - Most Venerable LP Hann



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Great amulet of charm Phra Khunpen.
(for men, attracts women)
Blessed by the Most Venerable LP Hann Wat Thamma kosok (Uthai Thani)

One of the last series of amulets blessed by the Very Venerable LP Hann,
with a takut on the front and the back,
as well as a relic of the monk's outfit of LP Hann.

This beautiful amulet is still available at a relatively small price,
but it is certain that in the future its value will increase sharply.

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Height : 65 mm.
Width: 40 mm.
Weight: 30 gr.
Customized reliquary: Yes.
Temple photo card: Yes.