Charming Thai Amulet Phra Khunpen Sansané - Most Venerable LP Pian.



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Charming Thai Amulet Phra Khunpen Sansan
blessed by Most Venerable LP Pian (1926 - 2017)
from Wat Gleun Gatin (Lopburi).

Limited edition blessed on February 5, 2013, containing a proportion
magic iron ore Lek Nam Pee and a fine stone (diamond color).

Very good amulet of charm by a famous Master,
who makes men who
wear them more attractive,
but also gives them presence, strength and courage.

Amulets Lek Nam Pee are known in Thailand
to make their wearer invulnerable.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height: 50 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: approximately 27 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.