Charming Thai Amulet Phra Khunpen Pim Khamakan - Most Venerable LP Koon.


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Phra Khunpen Pim Khamakan Thai charm amulet
  by Most Venerable LP Koon (1923 - 2015)
of Wat Banrai (Nakhon Ratchasima).
This series of exceptional amulets has been made one by one
by Most Venerable LP Koon himself for a special ceremony
for VIP benefactors of his temple in 1995.
It was planned that these very special amulets be distributed to them,
but just before the ceremony, the VIPs complained that
"their seats were too hard" and Luang Phor Koon (in his unique style)
answered them that he understood well, and that to avoid them to hurt their buttocks it was better that they go home to find their soft chairs
and simply canceled the ceremony.
The amulets were never distributed and ended up
in a carton (see photo) and forgotten during 23 years,
to be found in 2018 by a disciple during a cleaning.
I had the chance to meet this gentleman (see photo) and to be able to buy back all the stock still available for Buddha's magic..
These amulets are made of a sacred paste containing
ashes of ancient sacred texts Bai Lan, they contain many special LP Koon relics (sacred stone, hair, piece of monk's outfit, gold powder ...) and between 15 and 20 silver takut (the number and position
are variable, it is a very artisanal "handmade" production
by the Most Venerable LP Koon himself !)
This amulet exists in two colors: Red and black.
The difference is purely aesthetic, there is no difference
at the level of blessings or magical effects.
These amulets Phra Khunpen are at the base of charm amulets,
but in this specific case they are also good
for the following uses:

- Powerful general protection (dangers and black magic)
- Help with studies and memorization.
- For health and longevity.
- Attracting wealth.
One of the best amulets I have ever offered since the beginning of the site.
This will definitely be the best amulet of your collection if you decide
to get one ... do not wait too much because they will be sold quickly !

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Height : 52 mm.
Width: 30 mm.
Weight: approximately 24 grams.
Custom made reliquary: Yes.
Photo of the Venerable + blessed cord Sai Sin : offered.