Amulet of charm Ga-Fak Maï Mongkhon


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Amulet of charm Ga-Fak Mai Mongkhon.
Reliquary fills with a mixture of magic wood Gah-Fak
(a kind of plant parasite considered sacred) of the following types:
1) Gah-Fak Lakson
2) Ga-Fak Maroom
3) Ga-Fak Mayom
4) Ga-Fak Makham
5) Ga-Fak Kanoon
6) Ga-Fak Yoh
7) Ga-Fak Payoung
8) Ga-Fak Gallon
9) Ga-Fak Koon

Each of these types of wood Ga-Fak is considered a love talisman,
having the 9 types together makes it a very powerful talisman!

I got these rare amulets from a sacred herbalist
who explained to me that these amulets are very difficult to achieve
simply because gathering all these types of sacred woods requires not only advanced knowledge of the sacred flora
but also very long trips to get all the gather!
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Height: 50 mm.
Width: 35 mm.
Weight: 15 gr.
Reliquary: Yes