Amulet Buddha and Mae Thorani - Very Venerable LP Pinak



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Amulet representing the historical Buddha Phra Puthadjao forbidden
by the goddess of the land Mae Thorani.
Blessed by Most Venerable LP Pinak (1913-2002) of Wat Sanamlao (Saraburi).
Large amulet showing on one side the Buddha in meditation under a tree, a Takut, and the goddess Mae Thorani drowning the armies of Mara
(symbolized here by an elephant).
On the back there are various Yant and the star that serves as symbol
to the Very Venerable LP Pinak.
Bring strength and protection to Dharma practitioners.
Like all the amulets of the goddess of the earth,
it is also an amulet of fertility.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 60 mm.
Width: 40 mm.
Weight: 26 gr.
Made to measure reliquary: Yes.