Bönpo Amulet Ma-Tri Sungkhor - Amulet of liberation by the touch.



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Bönpo Amulet Ma-Tri Sungkhor -
Powerful amulet of liberation by the touch.
Blessed at the monastery of Most Venerable Lopön Tenzin Namdak.
Inside this amulet Ma-Tri Sungkhor is the essential mantra
Om My Tri Mu Ye Sa The Du.
As well as 11 others Sungkhor in relation to the moment of death (the Bard)
and rebirth.
This amulet transforms the body and mind and frees them from fear
to be reborn in one of the lower worlds,
which is the first step towards liberation .
This amulet is used at the moment of death or during intermediate states
simply by touching the top of the skull (crown chakra Sahasrara
If (and ONLY if) we have received the initiations and teachings,
we can also visualize the deity Dul Shen Drug and recite his mantra.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 65 mm.
Width: 65 mm.
Weight: 15 gr.
Reliquary: No (do NOT wear an amulet around your neck).
Original paper of the temple: Yes.