Alchemical amulet of the protective Buddha Phra Pidta - Wat Parnian Tek.

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Thai alchemical amulet of Protective Buddha Phra Pidta.
Phra Pidta Chokdee Mee suk keawkrad Prod Pai (Run burana ubosot).
Limited series blessed in January 2006 at the temple of Most Venerable LP Tah
(Wat Parnian Tek, Nakhon Pathom).
Excellent amulet protector in alchemical metal Kitchen faucets
Mekkapat et Mekkapat Thong.

Available in two versions: Mekkapat et Mekkapat Thong (Golden).
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 35 mm.
Width: 25 mm.
Weight: approximately 35 grams.
Customized reliquary: Yes.
Original box of the temple: Yes.
Activation prayer (Khata) : Yes.