Magic wealth banknotes and temple coins.

Authentic magic wealth banknotes and temple coins
from Thai and Chinese temples.

Unlocking Prosperity: Buddhist Temple Coins and Banknotes for Wealth Attraction:

In the pursuit of prosperity and abundance, people have turned to various rituals and practices throughout history. Among these age-old traditions, Buddhist temple coins and banknotes have emerged as powerful tools for attracting wealth and inviting financial blessings into one's life.

The Symbolism Behind Buddhist Temple Coins and Banknotes:

Buddhist temple coins and banknotes are infused with deep spiritual symbolism that taps into the principles of Buddhism and Eastern philosophy. These sacred items often feature images of revered Buddhist deities, auspicious symbols, and ancient mantras that are believed to carry positive energy and blessings.

How Buddhist Temple Coins and Banknotes Work:

  1. Alignment with Positive Energy : These coins and banknotes are created and blessed by monks and spiritual practitioners, aligning them with positive energy and intentions. When you possess them, you invite this positive energy into your life.

  2. 'Law of Attraction' : Practitioners of Buddhism believe in the law of attraction, where like attracts like. By using these sacred items, you align your intentions with the universal energy of abundance, attracting wealth and prosperity.

  3. Focus and Intention : Utilizing temple coins and banknotes requires focus and intention. When you meditate or perform rituals with them, you are channeling your desires for wealth and financial success into the universe.

Using Buddhist Temple Coins and Banknotes:

  1. Meditation and Affirmation : Incorporate these sacred items into your meditation practice. Hold them in your hand, close your eyes, and visualize your financial goals. Repeat positive affirmations for wealth and abundance.

  2. Altar Display : Create a dedicated altar space in your home or workplace with Buddhist temple coins and banknotes as the centerpiece. Light incense and offer your prayers daily to harness their energy.

  3. Gift and Generosity : In Buddhist tradition, generosity is a virtue that attracts blessings. Consider gifting these items to loved ones as a gesture of goodwill and abundance sharing.

  4. Feng Shui Placement : Place these sacred items strategically in your home or office according to Feng Shui principles to enhance their effectiveness in attracting wealth energy.

Where to Find Authentic Buddhist Temple Coins and Banknotes?

Authenticity is crucial when acquiring these sacred items as there are a lot of cheaply made copies around on the internet. Look for reputable sources, the best option being to go yourself to the temple that issues them. But if this is not practical, then turn to a reputable online retailer such as Buddha's Magic shop to ensure you receive genuine coins and banknotes blessed by qualified practitioners.


Buddhist temple coins and banknotes offer a unique blend of spirituality and practicality in the quest for wealth and prosperity. By harnessing their positive energy and aligning your intentions with abundance, you can invite financial blessings into your life. Incorporate these sacred items into your daily rituals and watch as they empower you on your journey to prosperity.